Commercial Aeroponic Systems

    Pure Grows Aeroponic Sytems are custom designed to every single client to perfectly fit your grow space.  Pure Grows is built on a module based system, and each module produces 416 healthy, fast growing plants. Modules could be used independently or as part of a larger growing operation where many modules are connected together to cultivate thousands of plants maximizing the use of your available space.  Each module is complemented with a  quality lighting system which together gives you a ready to grow set-up.  Pure Grows Aeroponic Systems are designed for simplified and controlled commercial cultivation of ecologically pure plants, while creating the ideal growing environment with up to 40% shorter maturation times, providing up to 6 healthy harvests per year.  This means that you will have 55% more yearly harvest output verses any other growing methods. Our systems ensure optimal utilization of available square footage requiring 3-4 times less growing space. With significantly reduced labor and production costs, drastically simplified harvest, clean up and affordable prices our system will easily pay for itself just after your first harvest.  The economics speak for themselves in a market that is all about quality and output!

     Pure Grows Aeroponics is a system where the roots while suspended in air, are saturated by a fine mist of water and nutrients. There is zero soil and 100% oxygen and carbon dioxide reception. The result is that the flower reaches its genetic potential each and every single time!

     Our systems still utilize 90% less water, nutrients and fertilizers when compared to growing in soil.  Further, our system uses 65% less water than the hydroponics method. Because our Pure Grows aeroponic systems require: (i) less labor force, (ii) less water, (iii) less fertilizers and (iv) less space than all other plant growing options;  they incur significantly lower operating costs while growing commercial quantities of high grade, pure,  pesticide/herbicide/pathogen free, cannabis, green leafy vegetables, herbs, and vine plants, and you can rest assured it’s environmentally friendly and free of soil born pests.

     Aeroponics limit disease transmission since plant-to-plant contact is reduced and each spray pulse can be sterile. In scenarios of soil aggregate or other growing methods; diseases can spread throughout the growth media, infecting many plants and compromising your harvest.  A distinct advantage of best swiss replicas aeroponic technology is that if a particular plant does become diseased, it can be quickly removed from the plant support structure without disrupting or infecting the other plants.

     Due to the disease-free environment that is unique to Pure Grows systems plants can grow at a higher density (plants per square foot) when compared to more traditional forms of cultivation (hydroponics, soil and Nutrient Film Technique [NFT]). Pure Grows systems incorporate hardware features that accommodate the crop’s expanding root systems.

     Pure Grows aeroponic systems are fully automated and computerized giving you full control of your operation, cutting labor costs it usually takes to tend to these crops, while providing  peace  of mind, knowing that everything is under your complete control. It monitors pH levels, humidity, CO2, NPK and temperature. The system automatically monitors all of the levels that you have pre-set and notifies you of what is needed, if anything, and urgent alerts.

     To further simplify your operation we’ve created an optional 24/7 long distance Monitoring Service as an affordable option created to further cut on labor/maintenance costs and completely minimize any potential risks while increasing your output.