Intelli Tissue Culture Clone Nursery

Pure Grows Intelli Tissue Culture Clone Nursery is a fully functional tissue culture cloning laboratory: a powerhouse capable of producing up to 400,000 top quality, disease and pathogen free clones per year. We designed our Intelli Clone Nursery to give, you the Grower, full control over your entire grow cycle while providing peace of mind over the quality of your clones.

Clones purchased from outside suppliers are generally produced by a process called vegetative propagation. Traditional clones are expensive and can unfortunately pose a real threat to your crops with distribution of various pests and pathogens. There are numerous cases where clone cultivators failed tests due to traces of pesticides like Myclobutanil (Eagle 20) residue and others. The major risks of traditional cloning or vegetative propagation, is the transmission of pathogens, bacteria, fungi, mites, bugs, aphids, and potential transmission of viruses from these clones to your crops.

Clones produced via tissue culture cloning  processes are guaranteed to be 100% healthy and stable, delivering drastically improved results due to more vigorous growth and exceptional initial quality.

Each Intelli Tissue Culture Clone Nursery is capable of producing up to 400,000 top quality, disease and pesticide free clones per year. Your clones will always be predictably healthy and strong so they’re easily transferred for further maturation via Pure Grows aeroponics or using any other cultivation method. Following the adaptation process, micro-cloned plants could be transplanted directly into soil, hydroponic systems, or for optimal continued results into your Pure Grows aeroponic sytem.

Our Intelli Tissue Culture Clone Nurseries need very little space and are designed to be 100% turn key operational in a specially designed sealed off and sterile stand-alone 40 foot container or transferred into your own facility’s “clean room” environment.  Intelli Tissue Culture Clone Nursery offers a tremendous financial value due to its minimal space requirements, low labor costs and operational requirements. It could be operated by just one or two lab technicians.

We understand that running your own micro cloning lab at full potential of 400,000 clones per year may seem somewhat overwhelming or time consuming; that is why we offer a lab management option where Pure Grows staff handles the entire technical process with our own staff and lab technicians while you enjoy all the benefits of owning your own tissue culture cloning lab – with never ending supply of perfect clones to satisfy all your growing needs as well as reaping further financial rewards by selling you left over extra clones to other growers.