40 Foot Smart Grow Container

40 Foot Smart Grow Container is an automated Pure Grows aeroponic greenhouse, a standalone turn-key grow house operation that could be used in its own “shell” – which is a 40 foot weather proof container.

Average productivity is up to 6 harvests per year making it ideal for licensed cultivation of cannabis or tall vine vegetables as well as a perfect environment to grow small plants and herbs.

Our 40 Foot Smart Grow Containers do not require a lot of space and are designed to be 100% turn-key operational in a specially designed, sealed off and sterile standalone 40 foot container. If desired, all equipment could be transferred into your own green house.  This container supplied fully equipped with high quality aeroponic and lighting systems,

40 Foot Smart Grow Containers offer a tremendous financial value due to its high harvest output, minimal operational requirements, reduced labor costs and space saving design.

Smart Grow Container is an ideal companion to be used alongside of our Intelli Tissue Culture Clone Nursery for space saving cloning operation or on it’s own as a fully operational aeroponic smart green house.

Pure Grows aeroponic systems are fully automated and computerized giving you full control of your operation, cutting labor costs while providing the confident knowledge that everything is under your full control. It monitors pH levels, humidity, CO2, NPK, temperature. The system automatically monitors all of the levels that you set and notifies you of further needed actions and urgent alerts.